Dangerous Passions

Reading the Italian newspaper, Il Corriere della Sera, there was one article in particular that struck me the most. I am referring to the article on the girls in Iran who were sent to prison from the 20th of June because they entered the stadium while a male volleyball game was being played. These stories are usually silenced and never given much weight to, however this time the sister of one of the girls in prison, Amin Ghavami, decided to start a campaign on the social media to try to bring her sister back home. This event, not only shows how much injustice is still in the world, but also the lack of liberty for women. Why should women be punished for entering a stadium while a male game was happening? What is wrong with having passion for sports? How can a person be arrested for a crime that cannot be considered so? All questions that also the imprisoned girl’s parents are probably tormenting themselves with. One of the girl’s mother states in the article that she visited the prison every morning for all 74 days that her daughter has been there, but it was always impossible for her to see, talk or even hear her daughter. Also the rest of the family is going through great suffering, as they have no answers to their questions. The only response for now is that she is accused of “propaganda against the state”. This however is not exact, the 25 year old Ghoncheh Ghavami, believed it was legal for her to enter the stadium as she lives and studies in London and believed Iran was part of the International Federation. Is it possible that in the twentieth century there are still nations where women have no right to watch sports?


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