The Graphic Designer behind The Grand Budapest Hotel


Grand Budapest Hotel, ultimo premio Oscar recente che mi manca da guardare. Interessantissimo l’aspetto di creazione costumi e design, leggere per credere.

Originally posted on Quartz:

If you follow the paper trail in Wes Anderson’s astutely visualized The Grand Budapest Hotel, the path will lead to Annie Atkins.

Atkins is the film’s lead graphic designer responsible for making all the graphic props to vivify the fictitious Alpine state called the Empire of Zubrowka.

A fictitious country needs all kinds of graphics: flags, banknotes, passports, street signs,” she told Quartz. “It’s impossible to imagine graphics like these. You have to do your research and you’ll find treasures that you couldn’t even have begun to sit down and draw until you saw them in front of your eyes.”

Passport Citizens of Zubrowka

Working closely with Anderson and the film’s production designers Adam Stockhausen and Anna Pinnock, Atkins meticulously hand-crafted almost every of piece of ephemera shown on camera. Every piece I made began with showing Wes a collection of real examples from the period,” she explained. “We…

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